About me

Hi yarn lover!

My name is Francoise Koeman, the proud owner of Badcattoo Yarn. I’m in love with yarns and fabrics and everything you can do with it, especially knitting and crochet. I started when I was young, I crafted with my mother and grandmother, knitting & embroidery. So it was a logical step to go to the fashion school.

But slowly I ended up in computers, designing websites and user interfaces of applications. Couple of years ago I  saw my sister-in-law working on a crochet blanket my interest started again. And with that the interest of yarns and how to dye yarn.

All Badcattoo Yarn is hand dyed by myself at home, the un-dyed yarn is mulesing free and bought in the UK so the travel footprint is short. The yarn is hand dyed with acid dye and I try to use as less water as possible. For some of the color ways I’ve the recept some are created by accident.
The names of the yarn refers to song titles.

I love bright colours although I’m always wearing black. I get my inspiration out of the daily things, art, animals, nature and sometimes beautiful color ways happen  accidentally.

During day time I’m working in the IT sector, I’m a music lover, have 3 cats and live with my partner on a boat in Zaandam, Netherlands


If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Cheers Françoise

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