Badcattoo hand dyed Lettlopi

I love to work with LettLopi but missed some bright colors, so I took the creme & light grey wool and dyed it is different colors.
If you want some colors dyed especially for yo let me know

The Icelandic wool is spun from two different fibres, the soft and short undercoat and the long, coarse guard hair.

The natural wool of Léttlopi is a great choice for your knitting projects. Léttlopi is made in Iceland from soft Icelandic wool, making it the perfect year-round yarn. It's warm but not too thick for autumn days or cool summer evenings. 

It's thick while still being lightweight enough for you to spend time outdoors during this season. The versatility of this wool means it can handle any environment you're looking for; be it inside with a good high quality down sweater or outside exploring nature with a rain-proof coat.

This yarn is fractionally thinner and knits to somewhere between a double knit and an aran. It’s very warm, softens well and wears beautifully. The Icelandic sheep are subject to some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world, and have very little interference from humans for most of the year.

This yarn is a rugged choice for making scarves, socks, boots, coats and bags.
50g ~ 100m

100% Icelandic Wool

Recommended needle size: 4mm - 5mm


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